Hello! I'm Aravind Hebbali, co-founder of Rsquared Academy. I did my Masters in Economics from the Madras School of Economics, Chennai and most of my work revolves around the R programming language, statistics, economics and finance. I’m from Bengaluru, India.

Aravind Hebbali

Featured Projects


The olsrr package provides tools for building OLS regression models. It includes regression diagnostics and several variable selection procedures. Learn more..

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descriptr eases the process of generating summary statistics and exploration of statistical distributions. It includes a set of functions for visualizing key distributions and summarizing data. Learn more..

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The inferr package builds upon the statistical tests provided in stats package, provides additional and flexible input options, and more detailed and structured test results. Learn more..

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The blorr package provides tools for builing binary logistic regression models. Learn more..

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A simple light weight package for customer segmentation using recency, frequency and monetary value analysis. Learn more..

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The xplorerr package provides a set of shiny apps for descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, data visualization and regression modeling. Learn more..

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investorr offers beginner friendly tools for quantitative finance. It includes a shiny app financial calculation and can be used for teaching introductory finance courses using R.Learn more..

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