As an active R user, I have authored several packages which have been designed keeping in mind beginner/intermediate R users. These packages have been used in the academia for teaching as well as in the industry for consulting projects. Feel free to reach out to me if you have ideas for a new R package, and I would be more than happy to collaborate.


Tools for building linear regression models

  • Comprehensive Regression Output
  • Variable Selection Procedures
  • Heteroskedasticity Tests
  • Collinearity Diagnostics
  • Model Fit Assessment
  • Measures of Influence
  • Residual Diagnostics

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Tools for RFM analysis

  • Generate RFM Scores
  • Handles Transaction/Customer Level Data
  • Visualization Tools
  • Segment Customers
  • Includes Shiny App

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Tools for interactive data analysis

  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Visualize Probability Distributions
  • Data Visualization
  • RFM Analysis
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic Regression

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Tools for generating descriptive/summary statistics

  • Data Screening
  • Summary Statistics
  • Frequency Tables
  • Cross Tables
  • Data Visualization

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Tools for inferential statistics

  • Binomial Test
  • Levene's Test
  • Test of Proportion
  • Test of Variance
  • t Test
  • Chi Square Test
  • McNemar Test
  • Cochran Q Test
  • Runs Test

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Tools for builing binary logistic regression models

  • Bivariate Analysis
  • Model Fit Statistics
  • Model Validation
  • Variable Selection
  • Residual Diagnostics
  • Collinearity Diagnostics
  • Visualization

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Tools for visualizing probability distributions

  • Binomial Distribution
  • Chi Square Distribution
  • Normal Distribution
  • f Distribution
  • t Distribution
  • Includes Shiny App

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Tools for binning data

  • Manual Binning
  • Qantile Binning
  • Winsorized Binning
  • Equal Length Binning
  • Equal Width Binning
  • Factor Binning
  • Generate Dummy Variables
  • Includes RStudio Addins

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Fetch data from the National Stock Exchange, India

  • Most Actively Traded Stocks
  • NSE Top Gainers & Losers
  • 52 Week High & Low
  • Index Quote
  • Top F&O Gainers & Losers
  • Pre Open Market Data
  • Advances & Declines
  • Includes Shiny App

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